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CRM is great.

For years organisations had to make do with the older-style donor management systems - everything baked into an inflexible solution. Then came CRM (customer relationship management); the opportunity to decide for yourself how your organisation wanted to manage all of its processes instead of how one vendor thought you should.  A well-designed and well-resourced CRM system can deliver huge value and allow an organisation to differentiate itself where it counts - when interacting with their most important asset, their supporters.

CRM is complicated. Very.

If not-for-profit organisations were just selling widgets, CRM would be simple. But they're not - most organisations have 10s of income streams with all sorts of different ways of getting paid. On top of that, a lot of them even have pretend money called soft-credits (how we pay our team). 
Setting all that up in one system that wasn't ever designed for the purpose might work...but then it might not. And you can be sure the CRM vendor will tell you it was someone else's fault it didn't work.

A better answer.

Modern APIs (application programming interfaces) let you join together the best technologies the world can offer as if they were meant to be together. So that's what we've done. We've taken the most important, most complicated processes out of the CRM and polished them until they shined and our eyes hurt. Then we've sent back all the bits the CRM needs: data, analysis and trigger points. Then it's over to you to handle the results how you see best. Suddenly implementing a CRM becomes 50% easier, 50% less risky and therefore a better option for your supporters than it ever was. Genius!

And that's not all!

Most CRM systems have limits which make doing complex things somewhere between really difficult and not doable at all. Outside of a CRM those limits don't necessarily apply so we get to give you the benefit of that freedom.
We can process more, we can analyse more and we can deliver more value to our customers.

If you're not sold already, check out how it works to see how everything fits together.

Stuck on old technology?

regiver can make the move to a new world much smoother. In the past you would typically need to move everything in one big bang. Sometimes that worked, sometimes it didn't.

regiver means you can move your transaction processing first, make sure everything works perfectly. Then when you are ready, move the pieces you want to move.

Much lower risk, much higher chance of success first time.

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