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How does it work?

rocket science

It's not rocket-science.
It's just really sensible.

regiver is designed to work with CRM technologies, not replace them. Your CRM is great at managing relationships (we hope), it's not great at being a transaction processing engine. So we do all that and then the information flows into your CRM so you can get on with giving the love to your supporters.


Integration to your CRM

regiver is great at matching data. Any contact record we hold is linked to its corresponding record in your CRM via its unique ID - just like a database with lots of tables, just they happen to be separated across the internet. When information changes in regiver, it flows through to your CRM. If your CRM allows it, we can push in individual giving statistics for each supporter whenever there's an update.

Our integration tools give you complete freedom to synchronise whatever data you need - no more, no less.


Getting started

Getting data into regiver is easy - we've even created tools to automatically migrate from some systems! As regiver is focused on income processing, we have a solid and well defined data set - if we haven't built an automated migration from your system it's just a case of mapping and transforming the data as required. 

Once you're up and running with your main data everything can be maintained using on-going synchronisation with your CRM and our world-beating import tools!


From a user's perspective

For most users, they can work from your CRM - they have access to all of the important functions in regiver right there on the contact record. They don't need to open new tabs, they don't need to pop up new windows. It's nice to use and they can quickly do things like donations, cancellations, upgrades, downgrades and more. 

For the finance team, they will spend time in regiver proper - all the tools are there for them to manage regular giving, produce GL reports, reconcile direct debits, do batch income processing.

All the while regiver will be sending back and forth information to your CRM to make sure when a user looks at a contact in the CRM, they can see the complete giving picture.

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