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    Regular giving reinvented

    The world's most advanced regular giving engine

    Secure, scalable and designed for the 21st century not-for-profit.


Take the complexity out of your CRM and put the data back.

regiver does all the heavy lifting when it comes to income processing - and does it better than any other system on the market. When it's finished processing, it puts the results right where you need them, in your CRM. No hassle, no pain.

What does regiver offer?

Recurring and one-off transactions

Much more than just processing, we handle all the complex parts of your income processing: multiple payment methods; soft / hard failure handling; upgrades / downgrades; fee and clawback management.

Seamless integration with your CRM

CRMs are great for managing relationships; not so for being world-class transaction engines. You get your cake and you get to eat it with all of the data about your supporters right where you need it - in your CRM.

API to open up your universe

Processing is part of the puzzle, but you can only process supporters you have acquired. Market-leading import and API tools allow you to get data from anywhere and instantly turn it into transacting supporters.

Effectively infinite scalability

Don't let your infrastructure stop you achieving your strategic goals. With design elements such as parallel processing of regular givers combined with the scale of the cloud, we'll always grow with you.

Manage every aspect of your regular giving

Know exactly what will be processed when so you can plan your resources accordingly.

Regular giving planning
Regular giver

See the complete giving picture

Every step along the regular giving journey is carefully tracked and managed. From acquisition to upgrade, you can view, report and act as needed.

Soft-fails and retries

Set exactly how you want to manage retries, even set different rules for different payment methods.

Retry management
Direct debits

Live monitoring

Watch regular giving in action, pause, resume or cancel if you need to. Ultimate control of everything so you can handle any situation.

Work from your CRM

Your supporter care team can work from the comfort of your CRM. Upgrades, downgrades, cancellations, one-off donations and more without swapping applications. In addition, 100+ giving history data points flow into your CRM for reporting and segmentation.

CRM integration
Import map

Import data from your partners in seconds

Take data from your partners easily, whether they be telemarketing, face to face, online fundraising and more. 

The API you dreamed of

Imagine your fundraising partners delivering the data directly to you, without delay and without needing to handle spreadsheets full of supporter data. Our secure API means you can wave goodbye to Excel hell and say hello to real-time, efficient and secure data transfer.

One-off processing

Powerful one-off donation processing.

Our powerful, user-friendly income processing tools let your data-entry staff waste the least amount of time entering data. 

Finance integration

regiver is more than software. With its unique general ledger integration, finance and fundraising join together seamlessly and efficiently.

Retry management
Direct debits

Bank file creation

regiver can handle almost any payment method. For example, direct debits run along with your credit card and other regular giving. Reconcile thousands of direct debits in a few seconds.

why regiver?

  • LOVE

    We genuinely love the sector we work in. And we love doing things as well as they possibly can be - no compromise. regiver is the culmination of many years of learnings - getting things wrong as well as getting things right. All that rolled into the perfect answer to the problem organisations face managing their disparate income sources.


    You can only be expert in so many things; we don't think you should compromise in your most important requirements. Our focus means you get the very best answer to how you process income. Combine with the latest best-of-breed CRM and marketing and you have the modern not-for-profit organisation.


    Grow with confidence. If your organisation's future depends completely on individual fundraising, you need to know your technology is going to help rather than hinder. regiver helps make it happen so you can get on and deliver whatever it is your organisation exists to do.


    The technology space is changing ever more rapidly; who knows what tomorrow's CRMs will look like. regiver simplifies and de-risks the CRM implementation process massively, meaning you have freedom to change as the world changes. A genuine strategic advantage in tomorrow's world.


Who are we?

  • Our founding team is made up of some of the most experienced people in the world when it comes to designing and implementing donation processing systems. We have successfully implemented the most advanced fundraising technologies all over the world with the very leading fundraising organisations. regiver is the next generation system based on all that experience.

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